Sometimes with advanced Alzheimer’s or other memory related illnesses, it is important to have a smaller, less stimulating environment. Meadowbrook has a unit specially equipped to work with residents who need a more relaxed, calm atmosphere. We are able to meet the needs of residents who may wander, be resistant to care, and need a structured setting to allow for the safest, secure and caring home. Our team focuses on helping you or your loved one thrive in an atmosphere of compassion and dignity.

Our unit is designed to serve residents in all stages dementia. With a team of experts, Meadowbrook ensures a full continuum of care:

  • 24-hour resident focused care
  • Safe and secure unlocked environment
  • Restraint-free, compassionate care
  • Peaceful surroundings
  • Specially-trained staff
  • Nutrition and hydration programs
  • Specialized social and recreational activities
  • Family support and educational programs

Experience the difference for yourself.

8211 Weller Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242